Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Designing Critical Design

Design writer and researcher, Alice Twemlow, has written recently on the motivations of a number of contemporary designers – Jurgen Bey, MartĂ­ GuixĂ© and Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby – whom she has loosely refered to under the alias of Critical Design. The purpose of which, is not to perform a function in the conventional sense (such as a product or a source of information) but rather, designs that are intended to be provocations or hypotheses through which their authors can study the interactions and responses of the people who use them.

Critical Design, as outlined by its key proponents, the interactive designers and educators Dunne & Raby, is design that, through its form, can question and challenge industrial agendas; embody alternative social, cultural, technical or economic values; and act as a prop to stimulate debate and discussion amongst the public, designers and industry.”

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